J is for Junebug

J is for Junebug, $500.00
J is for Junebug, $500.00

Introducing J is for Junebug! I moved from Illinois to Texas when I was 14. My husband likes to say that you can tell when you’re getting close to Texas because all the flora and fauna either wants to mate with you or kill you. While junebugs are essentially harmless, it never feels that way when they’re hurtling their dry crackly, utterly disgusting bodies into your hair.

In researching this painting, I was surprised to find that ‘junebugs’ vary by region, i.e. the Texas junebug is not the same as the Virginia junebug. Also, the Texas junebug is in the same family as the Egyptian scarab. I tried to use this piece of information to mollify some of my horror for the creatures, but it didn’t work.

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